Bring your retail store online

Sync Retail & Online Inventory

Retail Tagging

Storage Tracker

Retail Tagging

Sync your storefront inventory using Item Smart QR tags. When an item sells in-store, scan the QR code to mark as sold.
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Storage Tracker

Scan a Storage QR Sticker to know everything that is inside your container
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List anything in 5 seconds or less

Speed up your workflow. At minimum, all you need is a photo and price.

Go Omnichannel



In-store pickup

Sell online and allow customers to visit your storefront, vendor location to pickup their item
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Simplify your shipping process with our automated label generator and order updates
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Supercharge your local business



Local Market

Bring your vendor business online by creating special hours on specific days. Let customers visit your vendor location to pickup their item.
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Donation Portal

Funnel customers to donate free items
- Accept/reject items
- Schedule drop-offs
- Convert items into instant listings
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Our Story

Karma Trade was founded with a rebellious spirit to do retail differently. We believe the best goods are locally handmade and curated. Our lofty objective is to unify brick n’ mortar with online, giving small businesses a suite of omni-channel tools that large companies can envy and leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: there was no online store platform that syncs with retail. We were recent college dropouts at University of Illinois who started our own brick n’ mortar thrift store with over 30K items. When our customers wanted to shop online, we scoured the internet looking for tools. Quickly, it sank in - nothing would work. So we built our own platform. One we wish we had.

Now, we’re sharing it with you and the world.