Storage Tracking

Scale your operations with Storage Smart QR Tags. If you have thousands of unique items, it may be hard to keep track of where things are once an online sale happens. Try our method to track items in containers.


You have a box containing 20 unique jackets. You scan the box’s QR code to pull up all the jacket listings in that box. When a jacket sells, the listing says it is in - “Box A6”. Then you find the jacket in the box labeled ‘A6’ and fulfill the order. No more guesswork. That’s it!


Link Storage Container

Place a QR sticker on a box, clothing rack or any other type of storage container.

Scan the QR code or tap “create new storage." Enter details (name, description and photo).

Write the same name on physical sticker.

Add Items

When creating or editing a listing, tap "add storage" to link storage container.


Locating Items

Scan the box to see items inside. This helps to bulk manage inventory when needed.

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